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Find Business Opportunity in Israel

Entrepreneurs Special Networking : Find Business Opportunities in Israel: Where and How. With the presence of the integration department of the Tel

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Diversify the business

Date : July 9th 2015 Place : Maze 9, Tel Aviv Speakers : Pascal Zamir, Ministry of Integration, Nicole Koskas, Galit Zamir

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The israely labor contract

Date : May 11th 2015 Place : Bank Discount Tel Aviv Speakers : Daphné Florence Benis & Rosy Azar, Claire Margolis, Daphné

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Open a franchise in Israel

Date : Tuesday 24th March 2015 at 6 PM Place : Academic College Yaffo - Khever ha-Le'umim Street 10, Tel Aviv Speakers

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How to define your strategy on the Israeli market?

Les soirees Networking de la Chambre de Commerce : Echanger avec d'autres entrepreneurs Developper son reseau Trouver de nouvelles opportunites de business

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Career Center Networking

Date : Tuesday 13th January 2015 Place : In the office of the Career Center, CCIIF - 29 Hamered street, Tel Aviv

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